"Collaborative CRM" - 9 steps to doing it right

February 9, 2021

“Collaborative CRM” is a process through which retailers and brand owners co-develop content (eg information, inspiration, offers) and distribute it to the retailer’s customers.

To do "Collaborative CRM" well requires a number of key elements to be in place.

1. Retailers need to know who their customers are and be able to communicate with them individually and directly.

2. Brands must understand the retailer’s CRM strategy and be able to fit in with it.

3. The retailer has to enable the brand owner to identify these audiences, understand how many customers are targetable and to create a campaign budget and plan.

4. The retailer must also ensure that the campaigns that brands wish to generate are relevant for customers and aligned with the retailer’s overall communication strategy.

5. Retailers must ensure that customers are not over communicated to and are engaged and responsive.

6. Retailers must execute the campaigns and provide measurability and response data.

7. Brands must understand the retailer’s customers. How frequently they shop, how much they spend and what they buy.

8. Brands must generate content that is relevant and engaging for customers whilst being aligned with the retailer’s overall strategy.

9. Brands must adapt to the retailer’s tools, data and audience requirements.

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